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Powered by the industry leading assistive technology; SpeakChatBot is the best Text-To-Speech (TTS) software designed specifically for your live stream chat.


How-to get started!

Getting started is as easy as can be! Simply get in contact with Mal1t1a (a.k.a me) [ Discord | Twitch | Twitter ]

That is really all there is!

Once we are in-contact, you will get your very own SpeakChatBot client.

You can provide feedback, ask questions, request features and have discussions.

Channel Points

Coming soon!

Channel Points integration

Twitch has created a new loyalty reward system, allowing for you to create rewards for your loyal viewers to be redeemed.


When will it be ready?

Unfortunately the channel points integration is still in it's early development stages. Once it has been further developed for public use, anyone on the waiting list will be notified. Just the same, when it is ready and released, your client will be updated to contain the integration as well as the feature set in the changelog.

If you'd like to join the waiting list please feel free to sign up here: LexBot.ca/joinwaitinglist